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The Plants

Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge includes 22,995 acres of lush grassland, with an additional 2,182 acres of very sandy sagebrush grasslands. Beginning in May, a myriad of wildflowers begin to appear on the Refuge. The spring runoff and early summer rains encourage an impressive wildflower bloom. By July, the Centennial Valley becomes a wildflower paradise. Shooting stars, buttercups, sticky geranium, lupine, Indian paintbrush, and locoweed paint the grasslands in multicolor hues of reds, pinks, blues, and yellows. Red Rock Lakes NWR invites you to enjoy and study the native plants found here. However, the harvesting or picking, commercial or not, of wildflowers and other plants on the refuge is prohibited. Click here to download a list of plants found in the latest refuge inventory.

Photo by Steve Altshuld

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