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The Friends

We are Friends of Red Rock Lakes NWR and the Centennial Valley. Our mission is to provide an independent citizen voice to preserve, protect and sustain the biological diversity and historical resources of the Refuge and Valley for the benefit of present and future generations.

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We'd love to hear from you! Learn more about the Friends and what we're doing.

The Refuge

Tucked away in Southwest Montana is a little known crossroads where the stories of human and natural history remain alive. Framed by the Centennial and Gravelly Ranges the Refuge is one of the most biologically important landscapes in the northern Rocky Mountains.

Become a Friend

By becoming a friend today, you are helping to conserve the scenic beauty, wildlife habitats, waters and working ranches of the Centennial Valley.

News about Grayling!

Recent capture data indicates tributary populations are slightly up from last year, however, overall small numbers are sobering and underscore the near threatened status of the southernmost original population of grayling

Preserve, protect and sustain the biological and historical treasures of the Centennial Valley and Refuge

Photos by James Newt Perdue

Photo by Jim Mogen

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